Vietnam - VIPACO

Vietnam - VIPACO

Vietnam - VIPACO-2

1)Formerly Tan Hoang Anh Co., Ltd. 
2)Officially established in 2002
3)shirt bags, Shopping bags and stretch film rolls.
4)2 factories, over 25000 square meters.
5)More than 500 staff.
6)Number of stretch film machines: 4 sets.

VIPACO is a fast-growing customer and they are also one of the biggest stretch film manufacturers in the northern part of Vietnam. They invested four high speed and high capacity PE cast stretch film lines from XHD machinery. Their daily capacity is more than 30 tons. Together with the other famous customers like MMP, HANMY PLASTICS, GIAN THANH INDUSTRIES and CONG TY TNHH, they formed the largest and most powerful stretch film supply chains in the Northern part of Vietnam. Customers in Vietnam are buying high end stretch film machines equipped with gravi-metric dosing system, semi-automatic thickness gauge, automatic thickness gauge and automatic T-die for better quality and higher production efficiency.

For buying stretch film rolls and stretch film machine, please feel free to contact with us for more details. More videos, photos of our company, our stretch film machines and cast film machines, videos of our customers’ workshops and machines can be provided for your reference.

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