3 Atau 5 Lapisan 2000 mm Otomatis Jumbo Roll LLDPE Cast Stretch Film Mesin Stretch Wrap Film | Mesin Stretch Film 2000 mm

  • 3 Or 5 Layers 2000 mm Automatic Jumbo Roll LLDPE Cast Stretch Film Stretch Wrap Film Machine | 2000 mm Stretch Film Machine

3 Atau 5 Lapisan 2000 mm Otomatis Jumbo Roll LLDPE Cast Stretch Film Mesin Stretch Wrap Film | Mesin Stretch Film 2000 mm

Equipped with jumbo roll winder and automatic paper cores unloading and loading system; it is one of the most popular models among our customers in Middle East countries. We had already sold more than 60 sets of jumbo roll stretch film machines to Turkey and its nearby countries. It can produce:

1) stretch film rolls with below specs
* 5 KGS/roll small hand use stretch film rolls.
* 10~18 KGS/roll machine use stretch film rolls.
* 60 KGS/roll jumbo rolls at 500 mm film width.
2) 8~10 microns 250~500 mm PE cling film jumbo rolls.
3) 30~35 microns 250 mm/300 mm/500 mm/750 mm silage film jumbo rolls (UV protective film rolls).

Product Details
3 or 5 layers 2000 mm automatic jumbo roll7
Jumbo-Roll-Stretch-Film-Machine (2)
Jumbo-Roll-Stretch-Film-Machine (3)
Gulungan jumbo diproduksi oleh mesin stretch film jumbo roll XHD. Hingga 60 KGS per gulungan pada lebar film 500 mm.

Berbagai jenis film diproduksi oleh mesin kami.

Informasi singkat tentang mesin
Tidak. Benda Deskripsi
  Pola: XHD-80/120/80-2400
  Sumber Daya listrik: 3 fase catu daya industri
  Total Daya Instalasi: 280 KW (hanya untuk mesin)
  Bahan baku utama: LLDPE, LDPE (beberapa) & MLLDPE
  Ketebalan Film: 8 ~ 50 mikron.
  Lebar film yang berguna: Lebar maksimum: 2000 mm
  Struktur lapisan film: Tiga atau lima lapisan
  Kecepatan linier yang dirancang: 280 m/menit
  Keluaran ekstrusi: 400-550 KGS / JAM
  Dimensi (L×W×H): 14.5×8.2×4.9 M (hanya untuk referensi)
  Berat kotor: 20000 KGS (hanya untuk referensi)

Sorotan pada kinerja mesin:

1. High speed design: up to 280 M/min.
2. High working speed: 140~210 M/min.
3. High production capacity: 400~500 KGS/H (depends on the film thickness and line speeds).
4. Quality stretch film which can compare with the film produced by European machines.
5. Excellent production capacity and power consumption ratio: around 0.4 KWH/KG.
6. One man is enough to manipulate the whole machine!
7. Automatic paper cores unloading, finished rolls unloading, standby air shaft loading.

Jumbo-Roll-Stretch-Film-Machine (4)

Mesin stretch film roll jumbo dibeli oleh pelanggan Turki kami.

Sorotan pada konfigurasi mesin:

1) Coupling with rubber type of element is used to connect the main motor and the gear box.
2) Alloy screws and barrels with good nitrogen treatment.
3) Automatic screen changers powered by hydraulic station.
4) Top quality XHD T-die (standard) or JC-TIMES T-die (optional).
5) 980 mm diameter cooling roller from professional suppliers.
6) Silicone-coated roller is installed for cleaning the primary cooling roller.
7) Synchronous wheels and belts, idle rollers with hardened surface are used for high speed production.
8) Automatic air shaft inflation and deflation, automatic spare air shaft loading.
9) Powerful crusher and new hopper design for recycled flakes feeding.
10) Patented automatic system for paper cores unloading and loading (patented design for jumbo roll winder).

We can use some certain brands for the machine parts if the customer agrees to pay extra cost. 
Customized proposals are always available for top quality, higher speeds, higher output and higher benefits.
Mesin Stretch Film 2000 mm
2 Layers Or 3 Layers 1000 mm Lldpe Cast Stretch Film Machine-5

1) Many sales offices and after-sale service partners can provided timely and valuable services during the epidemic. Countries we can find available engineer for after-sale service:
India, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and Mexico 
2) One (01) year’s warranty on receipt of the machine and equipment within Mainland China.
3) The Chinese engineer dispatch is only available when the epidemic is over or when it is safe for traveling. 
4) Any available local or nearby country engineer dispatch can be arranged on the condition that the buyer or the end user can accept the cost. 
5) Online technical support is always available if the buyer or the end user wants to install the machine by themselves.

*** For more about the after-sale service, please feel free to contact with us, thanks.

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