Use ingenuity, create advantages, win the market-remember Xinhuida Qingdao exhibition trip

Gunakan kecerdikan, ciptakan keuntungan, menangkan perjalanan pameran Xinhuida Qingdao yang ingat pasar

The scorching Qingdao sun in August is like a fire, and the hot sun bake every inch of the land. It is not only the hot weather in Qingdao, but also the continued high enthusiasm of Xinhuida's friends.

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We are full of enthusiasm and come to the scene of Qingdao Plastics Industry Expo to meet important interested customers. Although I did not bring the equipment to the exhibition site this time, it did not affect the decision of prospective customers to order Xinhuida equipment. In just three days of the exhibition, only the Linyi market in Shandong signed a number of 2m high-speed automatic winding units.
Take China's stretch film production base-Linyi market as an example. The previous stretch film equipment was mostly small machines. The daily output of a machine is about 2-3T, and the electricity cost of a ton of products is as high as more than 400 yuan. The workers are hard to operate. At present, our Xinhuida single stretch film equipment has ultra-high production capacity (average daily output of about 9-10 tons), ultra-low energy consumption (electricity cost about 260 yuan), and ultra-high line speed (speed up to 200 m/min), Fully automatic (integrated and fully automatic, no need to manually wear paper tubes, unload rolls, pump up air, deflate, stick tape, workers only need to pack and pack), greatly increasing the value of technicians per capita, reducing labor costs and reducing labor costs Absolute advantages such as labor intensity have won the favor of many customers, set off a boom in the market, and won high recognition from customers and praise from peers.
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Xinhuida has always, with its absolute professionalism, focus, specificity, with the ingenuity of the craftsman, meticulously manufacturing high-quality products, from the design and processing of small details, bit by bit accumulation, continuous improvement, to ensure delivery to everyone Customers' machines have good quality and stable performance. We introduce cutting-edge equipment to improve efficiency and precision; we strictly demand ourselves, listen to the voice of customers, cater to the needs of the market, and present to customers with the most beautiful appearance and the most perfect quality.
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